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Disney Casting for Kids

[ 0 ] April 27, 2014 |

Disney Casting For Kids The allure of Disney is huge when thinking of breaking into the world of modeling and entertainment. Lots of children (and adults!) would love to be cast in their favorite Disney associated shows. However when looking into Disney casting for kids, a lot of people don’t think about that many shows/advertising […]

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Nickelodeon Casting For Kids

[ 0 ] October 1, 2012 |

There is only one place to follow all public opportunities for Nickelodeon casting for kids and that is their official twitter account: Here you will get all the latest casting call, audition and modeling availabilities within this dynamic children’s television company. Generally based out of New York and Los Angeles it should still be […]

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What is a Composite Card?

[ 0 ] February 18, 2012 |

As explained on Wikipedia (click here to read full article at “A comp card (also called composite card, z card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model’s portfolio and are used as a business card. A comp card typically […]

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What to Wear to Auditions

[ 0 ] February 18, 2012 |

This comes from LA Models: ‘Kids should wear solid colors (no white or black) with no prominent logos visible. Hair should be natural and nails also need to be clean and bare. On auditions, teens shouldn’t wear makeup or jewelry unless otherwise requested.’

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Don’t Come in, just send in Photographs!

[ 0 ] February 6, 2012 |

Reading a few Q&A’s with child bookers and one of them mentioned the title of this post: ‘Don’t Come in, just send in Photographs!’ Saves a lot of your time and energy and probably enhances chances as you aren’t annoying anyone in the agencies! I am glad I stuck to my list and just followed […]

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Entertainment Permit

[ 0 ] February 3, 2012 |

Whilst adding some new Agencies to my LA list I have come across some requiring submissions from under 18 year olds to hold a current Entertainment Permit from the State Government (We were asked if we hard one at our meeting, but were told we didn’t need to apply unless they signed us). Obviously laws […]

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Going to an Agency

[ 0 ] February 1, 2012 |

Yesterday we went to our appointment at 3pm. We timed it to perfection and arrived 10 mins early at the reception! This was after we had been to the bathroom with the kids, changed diapers and freshened up……we were actually at the building a good 30 mins before the appointment. The kids behaved very well […]

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Casting Calls are Always Free!

[ 0 ] January 25, 2012 |

Another way to recognise scams….it seems there are those out there who advertise Casting Calls along with an entry fee!! Another site I read gave a great reminder to all coming into this business: “You do not have to enter baby beauty pageants, baby contests, or talent contests to be seen by legitimate licensed kids […]

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The Most Important Rule

[ 0 ] January 21, 2012 |

Looking around, reading about people’s experiences and what those in the industry say, it seems that so many people still pay money thinking it will open doors! Management and agencies that require payment or purchase of professional photographs through them should be avoided like the plague! The bottom line (and most important rule!) is never pay […]

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