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April 30, 2014 |

Business Name: Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre


Telephone: (954) 763-6882


2542B East Sunrise Boulevard

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Additional Information:

This not-for-profit theatre group, the first documented children’s theatre in the state of Florida, was founded in 1952 and provides programs and services to youth and adults. Theatre and dramatic arts programs are offered for children ages three and a half to 18 years, and run throughout the school year and during the summer months.

School’s Mission:  Teaching the art of life through the magic of theatre
Founded in 1952, the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre (FLCT) is a not-for-profit organization that provides cultural and educational opportunities for children, ages 4 through 18. Through year-round classes, camps, productions and outreach programs, FLCT gives children of all abilities the chance to develop creativity, problem solving skills and self-esteem.
FLCT is the oldest documented children’s theatre in the state of Florida and one of the few theatres in the nation whose performances use students as actors, assistant directors, backstage crew and technicians.

Each year, the organization’s programs touch more than 40,000 children and adults. All young people, regardless of economic, cultural or ethnic background, are invited to participate, thanks to the generous support of local individuals, corporations and foundations whose contributions help support FLCT’s annual budget of $700,000+. A number of giving opportunities exist. For more information about how to support FLCT or participate in theatre programs.
FLCT provides the first exposure to live theatre for hundreds of children each year. Thousands more are impacted as audiences, actors and technicians experience the magic and energy of this art form in a way that is inclusive, engaging and inspirational in order to create life-long learners and arts supporters. Productions provide interaction with professional adult artists who support the work of the young performers and encourage appreciation of the “art for art’s sake.” Classes and outreach programs use the art as a tool for self-expression, community connection and joyful celebration.

Core Values, Programs develop life skills and encourage:

  • Creative Expression and Artistic  Appreciation
  • Empathy and Respect
  • Communication and  Confidence
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking and  Academic Success

FLCT nurtures personal growth in children by utilizing theatre as an educational tool and strengthens the community by producing quality theatre by children.

How school meets their mission –

Education –

Develop public speaking skills

Re-enforce lessons in history, English and science

Hone children’s research skills

Expose children to current events and socially relevant issues

Provide forum for open discussion and debate

Provide advanced education in drama, art and music

Improve reading skills thru drama

Instill a respect for authority

Provide a hands-on active learning environment

Provide safe & nurturing environment for children to learn
Life/Social Skills –

Promote social skills training

Develop leadership skills

Develop appropriate classroom behavior

Develop acceptable ways to resolve conflict with others

Develop better ways to handle frustration and anger

Develop team building skills

Develop positive non-aggressive choices when faced with conflict

Develop time management skills

Improve self discipline

Foster empathy for others

Cultivate social responsibility

Encourage volunteerism

Instill respect for others

Promote self confidence and self esteem
Diversity –

Instill tolerance of others

Develop acceptance of others

Expose children to other cultures and cultivate an appreciation for those cultures

Provide opportunities for participation by diverse (economic, cultural and ethnic) groups.

Foster a culture of inclusiveness
Arts –

Expose as many children as possible to theatre arts

Provide quality theatre, art, and music to the community

Train children in all aspects of theatre production –


Lighting design



Costume design

Stage management

Set design

Develop children’s imagination and creativity

Promote support for the arts in South Florida

Promote partnerships with other cultural organizations

Develop future patrons of the arts

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