Disney Casting for Kids

April 27, 2014 |

Disney Casting For Kids

The allure of Disney is huge when thinking of breaking into the world of modeling and entertainment. Lots of children (and adults!) would love to be cast in their favorite Disney associated shows. However when looking into Disney casting for kids, a lot of people don’t think about that many shows/advertising campaigns are made for Disney by independent production/advertising companies and it is these companies that will do all casting for the projects and NOT Disney.

A good example of this is within Los Angeles the Disney channel films alot of spots to fill in between shows and commercials, they usually cast these by contacting model agencies, such as Ford and Osbrink, etc. This is also true for print work.

When Disney does directly cast for talent, it is usually for the bigger budget TV and cinematic feature films. Principal roles for these movies are usually given to experienced professionals and not unknowns (why take an unnecessary risk with large amounts of money?). A lot of these Disney castings take place in Los Angeles (to a lesser extent in other large cities such as New York and Chicago) and are often cast ‘in-house’ from the Disney ranks.

HOWEVER if you reside outside of these major cities, you should not become too disheartened with casting for Disney. Looking back at the successful careers of kids at Disney you will find many lived in smaller residential areas, especially in the south and Texas (think Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, etc, etc).

With a company as high profile as Disney comes a lot of scams – So parents please be extra vigilant when dealing with anyone claiming to have contacts with ‘Disney’. Basically they do not and the golden rule applies here – Never pay anyone for help in gaining access. All auditions for Disney casting for kids will be free, like any legitimate audition/casting call.

So if you have your heart set on finding work with Disney, where is the best place to find Disney casting for kids? Well basically just like any other large entertainment group, Disney use all the normal professional channels as listed in our ‘Starting Out’ section: However as with all jobs in Fashion and Entertainment the best chance you have is to be represented by a reputable agency or manager (Check our comprehensive directory for your local Agencies/Managers).

Good Luck!


This link takes you to the official Disney Channel Open Call page and has the most up to date information on any casting Disney are doing around the country – Highly recommended to check often as new Disney Channel casting calls for kids are frequently posted:



Also check out our Casting News feeder to the right – We report on a lot of Disney casting for kids projects, as and when they are officially announced by Disney Casting and other reliable entertainment sources.



For more details and links to Disney check out their wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney



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