Costs and Expenses Involved With Pageants.

November 6, 2013 |

Costs and Expenses Involved With Pageants.

When you enter your child into a child beauty pageant, something that you should really take into consideration is the cost of doing so. After all, entering your child into such will entail costumes, outfits, and other expenses as well. While some people may treat such pageants as a passing hobby or a mere once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, there are some who really do invest a lot on the preparation for such and who really are involved in all the expenses for such events. For some, entering their child into such pageants means thousands upon thousands of dollars as an investment.

Here are some of the main things that you should take into account if you are contemplating really getting involved in the whole world of child beauty pageants.


Pageant Entry Fees

For the budget-conscious parent, there are some child beauty pageants which are free for all and which charge little to nothing at all. However, in such contests, you shouldn’t expect your child to get any substantial prize. That is why most parents tend to enter their children in contests which actually have entrance fees.

With all the types of child beauty pageants today, expect to pay anywhere from 0 to $100 for the entry fee alone. Naturally, the bigger the entrance fee, the bigger the 1st prize tends to be. Usually, the entrance fee of such pageants depends on the scale of the pageant itself. You can certainly expect local pageants to be much cheaper to get into as opposed to national and even international contests.


Outfit and Costumes For Pageants.

Outfits and costumes – these are the main things that parents really spend on in child beauty pageants. These are also considered the bank-breakers and debt-makers. Why? This is because of the sheer cost of dresses and outfits. This is where one of the major differences between Natural and Glitz pageants can really be seen.



Natural Pageants

You can naturally expect to spend less on Natural child beauty pageants as they do not require the big dresses and outfits that Glitz pageants require. They do not require wigs, spray tans, makeup, and such. In fact, these pageants absolutely ban the use of glitz and glamour, and instead focus mainly on the natural charm and skills of each contestant.That means that you can simply have your child put on a pretty dress or a cute outfit that is already in his or her closet. There is no need to buy a brand new flashy outfit. Obviously, no new costumes mean no additional costs in this department.


Glitz Pageants

Glitz pageants, on the other hand, are on a whole different level. In such contests, you can expect to spend anything from $500 to a whopping $4,000 (and beyond!) on the dresses and outfits alone. This may seem unbelievable, but the fact is that a lot of parents really do spend that much on these types of contests. After all, Glitz competitions are mainly about the flashy outfits and the big statement looks. The high cost depends on the number of dresses, cost of the designer pieces, designs, props and the like.

What’s more, such competitions have as many as 6 outfit changes all in one pageant – that means you will have to buy at least 6 different outfits for your child if you want to let him or her have a fighting chance for the title. Unbelievable? Just watch a glitz pageant and you will immediately realize that it is not at all that farfetched.


Pageantry Hair and Makeup

Dressy and fancy hairstyles and makeup are of course only seen in the Glitz type of pageants. With the Natural pageants, simply styled hair as well as a swipe of a bit of lip gloss is all that is needed. That means $0 cost for you.

However, hair and makeup can turn out to be a big money gobbler when Glitz pageants are concerned. This is if you opt to have them done professionally. Salons, hairdressers, and makeup artists really do carry with them hefty price tags. Professional hair and makeup artists charge anywhere from $50 to $100 ++ depending on their reputation and skill.

This is exactly why plenty parents actually teach themselves to do hair and makeup so that this additional cost can be reduced, if not eradicated completely.



Transportation is another factor to consider in such pageants. For out of town competitions, having some mode of transportation is highly important. Pageant contestants are obviously quite limited in this department if they do not have their own cars. It is hardly practical to rent a vehicle for such events as this would mean tons of $$$ spent, however, the fact is some parents actually do it anyway.

If they have their own cars, on the other hand, gas is something that can really be a pain to spend on as well.


Lodging For Pageants

Depending on the type and scale of the competition, lodging may or may not be something to think about. However, for pageants of the inter-state or even international kind, contestants may be obliged to stay at hotels in the event that the competition is held somewhere far from home. Quite obviously, hotels can really be expensive.

Many pageants are even held at the hotels themselves, and the contestants are required to spend somewhere along the lines of $100-$200 per night. It is not customary for the contestant hosts to provide such accommodations for free.


Pageantry Coaching

It is not unusual for parents to groom their children for the pageants themselves. However, some parents prefer to get professionals in the field, so to speak. That is where pageant coaches come into play. Such coaches are people who really meticulously devote their attention and time to making a child pageant-ready. Such coaches do NOT come cheap as well, and rates range anywhere from a couple of hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars depending on many factors.

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