Types of Child Beauty Pageantry

October 12, 2013 |

Types of Child Beauty Pageantry


There are all sorts of different child beauty pageants. If you want your child to enter into the child pageantry scene, then it is very important for you to know exactly where you want your child to enter so that you will be fully aware of what you can expect as well as what you are getting yourself into.


There are two main types of child beauty pageants, namely: Pageants for Girls and Pageants for Boys.


Pageants for Girls

Pageants for girls are your typical run-of-the-mill pageants which you see often. These are the kinds of pageants which cater specifically for girls only. Nowadays, such pageants are highly common and you can see them in malls and it is highly likely that your town will have some sort of pageant like this.

Typically, such pageants would have little sub-divisions which split the contestants into age groups with titles being “Baby Miss”, “Petite Miss”, “Little Miss”, and the like.


Pageants for Boys

Pageants for boys, on the other hand, are obviously pageants which cater specifically for boys. While these are not as common as pageants for girls, the number of such pageants are actually increasing. They are quite similar to pageants for girls when it comes to the various portions.

The usual age bracket divisions are 0-3 years, 4-6 years, and the like.



Pageants however can be further grouped based on the type of appearance the contestants are expected to present. Pageants can thus be classified as either Glitz Pageants or Natural Pageants.


Glitz Pageants

Glitz pageants are ones wherein girls are expected to really go all out and be as flamboyant as possible. In this type of competition, more is actually more. The bigger the hair, the brighter the makeup, and the flashier the dress, the better it is. You will see here young girls with lots of makeup and spray tan on, and you may even see fake nails, “flippers” or fake teeth, and various other “pretty” and showy beauty enhancements.

Here, girls are expected to wear makeup and to possibly dress up in grown up clothing to show off themselves. You can expect little girls walking sassily down the stage as if on a catwalk, and you should also prepare yourself for really hyped up girls flouncing around the stage preening themselves.


Natural Pageants

Natural pageants, on the other hand, are the complete opposites of glitz pageants. Here, children are expected to really be themselves and be as natural as possible. This type of pageant is more strict and stringent with its rules. Makeup, if at all allowed, is most probably limited to a touch of lip gloss and a swipe of mascara only.

This type of pageant is one much more reminiscent of grown up versions such as “Miss America”, where a more mature and composed attitude is expected of the contestants.


Online Pageants

With the current trend of social media websites still being the “it” thing, there has also been the rising trend of online pageants. Unlike your typical pageants with stages, there are actually some pageants that are conducted solely online.

The main voting method used in these types of pageants is through “Likes” on FaceBook and other social media. Some such pageants primarily post pictures of their contestants, but there are also some which post whole videos for the audience to vote on.

This type of pageant is probably the most flexible of them all, with there being virtually no limit to the rules and such. Some such contests even require contestants to submit things such as essays to be judged – something that you won’t normally see with other pageants.

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