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February 1, 2012 |

Yesterday we went to our appointment at 3pm. We timed it to perfection and arrived 10 mins early at the reception! This was after we had been to the bathroom with the kids, changed diapers and freshened up……we were actually at the building a good 30 mins before the appointment.

The kids behaved very well throughout the meeting, which maybe lasted 20 mins at the most. All it was very straight forward, with the head booker for kids coming out to greet us, take us to an open room and basically just take some quick photo’s for their records and take the info pages reception gave us to fill out for the kids.

She explained the process of how they book. This agency sends out photo’s of its models to the client first and then only asks those that the client has expressed an interest in seeing to turn up for the selection process (a go-see). This can stop you from having a lot of wasted and long days going to see photographers that aren’t even looking for the look your child has!

Payment wise we were told around $75 per hour for our 10 month old and up to $125 per hour for our 3-year-old. They try to make sure the jobs are at least 2 hours long to make it worth our while but this isn’t always the case with larger clients such as Disney who may just need a small job that time.

The booker said the main reason for asking kids to come in, is so they can see their demeanor – the calmer they are and more receptive to instructions the better I think! Our kids can be up and down and as this was at 3pm I was a little worried they may act up due to missing naps, but I couldn’t have been more wrong……So fingers crossed this helps in the final selection process.

We were told all potential models for representation were discussed and decided on in a group setting – So we will have to wait a few days for the final decision!

We left with a good feeling and will just hold our breath now until we hear back.

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