The Most Important Rule

January 21, 2012 |

Looking around, reading about people’s experiences and what those in the industry say, it seems that so many people still pay money thinking it will open doors! Management and agencies that require payment or purchase of professional photographs through them should be avoided like the plague!

The bottom line (and most important rule!) is never pay a penny for supposed ‘entry’ or ‘enhancement of chances’ into this industry and be wary of anyone recommending this sort of action.

Now on the other hand I have found a few sites that sell information to make your life easier. I think that these can potentially help parents cut out a lot of man hours and direct them to the right places. However this is the main reason I am writing this blog – Eventually this site will be a one stop site with no need to purchase anything from anyone!

Personally I was put off some sites selling information because again they claimed it could do this and that for your child, without really explaining what they were selling.


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